We Are

Boss Software Solutions

Start-up company located in Tel-Aviv Israel.
The company develops a cloud-based CRM & ERP platform, intended for:

  • Buisness
    "All In One" Solution: point of sale, back office, task management, delivery system and furthermore.

  • E-Commerce Solutions
    “Behind The Scenes” Backbone: build your own layers of applications and/or web-site using our API.
Why The Hell ?!

Yet the description is another CRM & ERP app, Nothing can be more fetched out from the TRUTH 😊

Our product introduces a revolutionary concept:

App Based

We introduce the first Real-Time Application to this market like no one has done before. No tricks, no RDP or any other Terminal based solution. No synchronizing or holding any preliminary or postliminary data in the client side, everything is being done on the spot and at the server side.

No Limits

Create and work with multiple branches. Manage employees and shifts. Add as many Points Of Sale as you want. Create and Manage thousands of Products with Special deals and Sales. Connect to as many Apps or Services with our Powerful API.

Much Faster

If you had a chance to work with a CRM/ERP system you know how slow things get. With our super fast system everything will feel like its on steroids.

Learn more about App based VS Browser based, and more!

A Taste Of Our Features

Real Time command and control management system


WhatsApp styled task control system, no more notes, no more empty promises to your customers, any business no matter how big just can't work without. Rapped in a management system to enforce execution.

Search Engine

Our own search algorithm is a necessity for preventing duplicity of customers and products and by all means allows you to maintain a better, faster service and productivity.

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