When we set out to bring to our customers One system that combines the best of three worlds – ERP/CRM/POS we aimed at the top.

Real Time - Command & Control

  • Dashboard – Real Time command and control management system
  • Tasks - WhatsApp styled task control system, no more notes, no more empty promises to your customers
  • Profit Control - Whenever you are facing quick decision-making situation, while facing the customer behind the counter or the supplier by phone, or while late night sale strategies planning, we are there for you to calculate quickly the consequences of your decisions
  • Money Tracking System - Enclosed money tracking system, will provide you control over each step from cashier's balancing to bank deposits

Enhanced Customer Management

  • Prognosis – A smart algorithm used to calculate each customer next purchase date, lost customers and smart storage inventory management
  • Customer Relatives – Need to know about a customer’s next of kin? How about saving the family names or even the pets? All the needed info is available
  • Reward Points – Give your customers the reward they deserve
  • Membership card – Combined with Reward Points, a customer's loyalty is in hand

Enhanced Sale

    • Special Offer – Special offer mechanism with a wide range of options: 1+1, happy-hour, minimum purchase discounts/gifts etc. The ability to integrate with external special offer and coupon systems.
    • Sale Logic – You build, your employee will apply. build your sale flow by products (e.g. force the suggestion of a product upon other product sale).
    • Customer Reserve – Sell now & deliver later mechanism (customer storage).You can sell your customer a discount yearly supply while suppling him his pre-owned merchandise whenever he needs.


  • Delivering – Enterprise grade delivering system, starting with automatically created routes to delivery guys cell phone interface up to customer updates
  • Multi Storage Inventory Management – Mandatory for multi branches business.
  • Branch ordering and delivering – Your business got some in-branch's inventory orders, let us handle and control it.
  • Bill of Materials – You build it, we will do the storage handling and profitability calculations for you, or you just might want to buy a big pack and sell it by smaller doses we are here to support you.
  • Purchasing management – Inventory decisions and supply tracking.

Enhanced Experience

  • Search Engine – When Google meets Boss, our own state of the art search algorithm is not just fun to use: its super, super smart and it’s a necessity for preventing duplicity of customers and products and by all means allows you to maintain a better service and productivity.
  • Caller ID – Don't waste your customer's time locating his portfolio. Just pick up the phone having all the knowledge in front of you, allowing you to exceed your customer's purchase experience.

Much More...

    • Punch Clock – Yet another example of getting rid of "supplementary" software's.
    • Text Messages – Integrated and ready to create sales promotion and increase service satisfaction.
    • Digital Signed Invoice – Green is the new black, lower your expenses while supporting the environment.
    • Accountant data export – Remember the time when you were driving each month to your accountant, in the 21st century your accountant can get whatever information he needs by his own, just allow him to access the system and give him the permissions to get the job done. We built several export options for the accountant to digitally receive the needed monthly info and import it directly to his/hers system.